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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Laura Ingraham - Your Daily Fix

On Today's Show...

Hour 1: Conservatives are shedding the light on Obama's ilk--and they don't like it!

The president is disdainful of the American people. On the Today Show this morning, he blamed talk radio for the country's problems. We know the real source of trouble is in Washington, D.C.

Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson ranted on the floor of the House, saying "Republicans want you to die quickly." Hey Obama, did that contribute to the heated rhetoric you blame on talk radio?

Why doesn't Obama like Americans getting news and commentary 24/7? "It's because we are exposing the truth about his schemes, and he doesn't like it!" - Laura

Every benefit the government is eager to hand out to you for free comes at a very real cost to you: your freedom!

"All you Laura365 members, all you Rush, Sean, and Mark fans, you tune in because you want a break from the monotony of bias offered by the mainstream media. You tune in because you know what our point of view is. The simple fact is, we still do more factual reporting on this show than CBS, ABC, and NBC combined." - Laura

Obama is going to throw out the first pitch at the Nationals' game on April 5th. Beware the return of the "mom jeans"!

Col. Allen West, a black conservative candidate for Congress in Florida, was just endorsed by Sarah Palin. Remember his viral video?

"Maybe I'm just a white guy with a fantastic tan, but I think Mr. Obama is absolutely delusional....The Left is trying to Balkanize America and break us down into these groups so they can separate us and eventually defeat us." - Col. West (Bonus audio freebie for Daily Fix subscribers!)

Obama had two big 'but monkeys' this morning on the Today Show. (Exclusive member audio!)

Hour 2: Obama bamboozled young supporters!

America Under ObamaCare: Day 7 - Young adults will pay a larger portion of health care costs because of ObamaCare. Their health premiums could rise 17%. Surprise!

CNN's ratings have sunk even further. The channel's main hosts lost almost half their viewers in a year!

Georgetown University junior Kary Dimilo comes on the show to tell Laura why his school should change its policy when it comes to promoting abortion. Georgetown is historically Catholic--why should it compromise its beliefs to accommodate Kary's mistakes? It's a moving segment that lights up the phones in Laura's studio. (Audio freebie!)

Mark calls in to say he was in Kary's position once, and he made the wrong decision too. It took him two decades to forgive himself for having his child aborted, but he's finally free of shame--thanks to the forgiveness offered by the cross.

It's Holy Week, and as we approach the celebration of Easter, it is a great time to find peace.
Hour 3: Surprises!

Obama finally admits: He isn't going to join a church. Surprise!

"They put more thought into getting a dog or what Michelle would wear on the cover of Vogue than finding a church!" - Laura

Message to Kary and Barack: Grace is just a prayer away.

"Throwing stones at Kary won't help anything. Pray for redemption." - Laura

Call of the Day: Jeff calls with tears in his eyes, saying he went through Kary's predicament almost 40 years ago. Not a day goes by that he doesn't think about his decision to end a life.

Yolanda calls in angry with some enlightenment for Laura: Obama can't join a church because mean white conservatives would still hate him! (Exclusive member audio!)

All Yolanda sees is race. "Didn't Obama say we aren't black America or white America, we are the United States of America?" - Laura

"America is about judging people on their merits--not giving them a free pass because they're historic." - Laura

Actor Matthew Modine says we should sit down with Osama bin Laden and ask him what's bothering him so much about us. That will solve everything! Folks, this is the type of person Obama has surrounded himself with his entire life. And you are wondering why we are rolling over for Iran?

We know one thing--liberals think they should have a monopoly on speech. Obama says "the political culture gets so wound up."

The truth is that Democrats don't like the fact that the American people are looking over their shoulders. They want to change our country with impunity.

"You are living in 21st century serfdom courtesy of Barack Obama." - Laura (Exclusive member audio!)

It's official! Anderson Cooper 360 has turned into Regis and Kelly. Laura plays hilarious sound of AC monkeying around. No wonder CNN ratings are in the toilet.

More ObamaCare surprises! Starting in January, you will no longer be able to tap into your flexible spending account to cover aspirin, vitamins and other over-the-counter medications, unless they are prescribed by a doctor. Come 2013, the total amount you can contribute annually will be limited to $2,500. Nursing mothers now have to have a private place at work to take care of business. What other regulations will be discovered next?

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