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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where is Obama taking us?

I read this on the net, you will love it...

Obama is “D”riving “D”own a “R”oad with Biden at his side hits a pot hole and goes off the “R”oad and into a “D”itch. They look around and see there is a cliff in front and to the “L”eft of them.

Two Republicans in the back seat tell the Obama to put it in “R”everse and get back on the “R”oad. The Obama said no we need to put it in “D”rive we are going in the “R”ight “D”irection.

The Republicans tell the Obama you need to turn to the “R”ight and get us out of this mess and the Obama tells them he can only turn to the “L”eft. A voice comes from the car GET A NEW DRIVER.

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